Commercial & Industrial Fencing in South Carolina

Are you looking to maximize your property's security and privacy? Constructing new fencing is a great way to accomplish these goals and add a touch of beauty to your property at the same time. Newman Fence Company, Inc. offers quality fence construction and fence installation services to help business owners in the Carolinas get the fencing they need.
Commercial Iron Fence — Fence Construction in Roebuck, SC
Steel cahin link — Fence Construction in Roebuck, SC
We use quality materials from well-respected manufacturers like Merchants Metals and Alumiguard, and our highly-skilled technicians work magic in turning the materials into strong, long-lasting fences and enclosures. We offer ornamental steel, security fencing, dumpster enclosures, and we can customize fencing to fit your style and the aesthetic you want to apply to your business. Our company has been building fences and enclosures since 1983 and we provide nothing less than excellent craftsmanship, so rest easy knowing that your fencing project is in experienced hands that are working to meet your needs with the highest of standards.

Types of Fencing


Ornamental Aluminum/Steel

Ornamental Aluminum/Steel — Fence Construction in Roebuck, SC
Security or decorative perimeter fence.
Install on or behind a retaining wall for
safety purposes.

Cantilever Slide Gates

Cantilever Slide Gates — Fence Construction in Roebuck, SC
Ornamental or chain link. Add a gate operator
for easy open and close.

Gate Operators

Gate Operators — Fence Construction in Roebuck, SC
Swing or slide gate operator with various
options for access controls.

Specialty gates

Gate Operators — Fence Construction in Roebuck, SC
Prehung gates or gates with panic bars are
also available for maximum safety and

Industrial Chain Link

Black Chain Link — Fence Construction in Roebuck, SC
Great for a security fence or interior use.
Available in black vinyl coated as well as
galvanized steel. Barbed wire optional for
extra security.

Welded Wire Fence

Welded Wire Fence — Fence Construction in Roebuck, SC
Decorative wire perimeter fence.
High-security options available.

Wooden/Vinyl Privacy

Wooden/Vinyl Privacy — Fence Construction in Roebuck, SC
Popularly chosen for dumpster enclosures
as well as a perimeter fence.
For more information about our commercial and residential fence construction and installation services,
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