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Frequent Questions

Share some of the most common questions about residential and commercial fencing below, and encourage your users to submit other questions.

  • I want a fence for my residential property. What is the process?
    If you have any measurements, send them our way. If not, we may schedule for someone to come take a measurement at your property. Please allow 24 to 48 hours to return phone calls.
  • I am a contractor searching for a fence installer. What is the process?
    Send us your drawings at or contact our office at 864-595-4222.
  • Do you sell fencing materials?
    We do not sell residential materials in small amounts, however we can order commercial materials in bulk. If you would like to order material, call the office at 864-595-4222.
  • Do you repair fences?
    We do repair fences, whether we originally installed them or not. There is typically a $500 minimum for fence repairs. If you have a fence that needs to be repaired, please send any photos which clearly show the damage to, and we can get you a price as soon as possible. Please note that if fence damage is due to fallen tree, all debris will need to be removed before we can provide you with a price.
  • Can you send someone to repair my gate operator?
    We service a variety of gate operators. Please give us a call at 864-595-4222 to schedule a service appointment.
  • Do you stain fences?
    We do not stain fences.
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